Church Vision


We value your voice!  Join us by engaging in this excitng process of vision, as we seek God's will together!

You can get started by praying daily.  We have weekly prayer themes to keep us united in prayer.  You can also join the conversation and give your input by filling out the weekly converstion guides.  Check out the videos that introduce the theme for each week.



Theme of Prayer and Conversation

September 30-October 6

God’s guidance over the entire process

October 7-13

Member engagement in visioning process

Week 1: October 14-20

Beyond the Horizon Vision (Conversation Guide / Video)

Week 2: October 21-27

Vision that Advances (Conversation Guide/ Video)

Week 3: October 28-November 3

Vision that Rescues (Conversation Guide/ Video)

Week 4: November 4-10

Vision that Becomes (Conversation Guide/ Video)

Week 5: November 11-17

Vision that Overflows (Conversation Guide/ Video)

Week 6: November 18-24 Thanksgiving

Beyond the Horizon Vision Review (Conversation Guide/ Video)

Week 7: November 25- December 1

Background Vision (3-year strategies) 

Conversation Guide/ Video

Week 8: December 2-8

Midground Vision (1-year priority)

(Conversation Guide/ Video)

December 8-January 27

Pray for Visioning Committee (not yet appointed)


The following church visioning process was approved at the Church Business Meeting on October 14:


  • Total Member Involvement: We are committed hearing each voice.  Our church is not led by a CEO.  We are led by God as He moves through His church.  Though it takes more time, our church makes big decision together.  We want to create a shared vision, not just an individual’s vision.  We believe we can gain a fuller view of God’s will as a group and we have built opportunities for this group involvement into the visioning process.
  • Focused Clarity: We are committed to a gaining a clear focused vision.  “Generic” kills vision.  If we try to go many different directions we risk that we will do nothing well.  Our church will do a variety of things but each moving part will be clearly linked to one specific vision that unites all our efforts. We will not settle for generic in our visioning effort.  
  • Organized Structure: We are committed to an organized structure that will put us in the best position to hear God’s voice and follow His leading.  We will not approach this half-heartedly.  We will do this well, with good communication and united effort. 
  • Seeking God: We are committed to living out a vision that is from God. We desperately need the Holy Spirit in this process.  We will saturate this process with prayer.  God is our leader in this process.
  • Imagination: We are committed to dreaming big.  We need to stretch our imagination for what God might do among us.  We will be faithful to develop realistic strategies but we will pursue a God sized vision.
  • Clear Communication: We are committed to clearly communicating our vision and the visioning process.  We will work hard to communicate in a variety of ways that will make the process accessible to as many people as possible.  
  • Adopting the Vision: We are committed to adopting the vision into our church culture in a way that will become the driving force for all we do. We don’t need a vision statement hanging on a wall of the church, we need a vision mindset uniting our church in mission.  When a visioning process does not result in ongoing vision, it is worse than pointless, it wears people out.  The visionaries had fun with the exercise and the more practical minded participants disengage because it was all talk.


Horizon Storyline PDF

Prayer Exercises

Vision Frame Overview


  • Communication:  The visioning process will be communicated through the Growth Group, the Facebook Group, the visioning box, church business meetings, announcements, the bulletin, the website, private conversation, emails and newsletters.  
  • Growth Group: Meet for prayer and visioning progress every Thursday, 6-7pm, Starting October 4 and ending December 6. All are welcome to attend. Will not meeting on November 22.
  • Facebook Group: An active conversation with focused weekly discussion themes. Click here to join the conversation! 
  • Visioning Box: There is a visioning box in the church lobby.  Written input about our church vision can be placed in this box.  
  • Evaluating our Church Service: Give helpful feedback about our Sabbath morning experience using our online evaluation form.
  • Business Meetings:
  •     October 14: We will discuss and vote on this proposed visioning process
  •     January 27:  We will vote to adopt a specific long-range vision for our church
  • Visioning Committee: will be appointed to draft vision (December 6-January 27)
  • 10 Days of Prayer: January 9-19, Click here to learn more! 
  • Reaching Kitsap Sabbath: Joint Sabbath worship with Bremerton and Port Orchard SDA Churches on January 19 to help us grow in a vision for reaching our county. 



Natural Church Developement Survey Results

Demographic Study 

             10 Mile Radius

             3 Mile Radius

Vision Templates 

Horizon Storyline



                Why do we need to labor in discovering our vision when God has already given us clear mission and vision in the Bible? There are great missional texts in the Bible.  The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) calls us to “go and make disciples of all nations…” and the Two Great Commandments (Matthew 22:34-40) call us to love God with all we are and loving others as ourselves.  Jesus was clear about his purpose for coming to earth when he said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor (Luke 4:18-19).” 

                Shouldn’t these texts be our churches vision? Yes.  Every church should be making disciples, every Christians should be loving God and others, every ministry should proclaim the good news and set people free, and all we do should give glory to God.  But God has given us specific gifts, skills and personalities.  He has placed in a specific community with a distinct culture.  God doesn’t do generic.  He has a specific dream for how we are to fulfill his mission in Kitsap County.  Our specific church vision will paint a clear vivid picture of the future, it will draw people into ministry, it will focus our energies, it will direct our financial decisions, it will fuel passion, it will hold us accountable, it will unite us in a God sized dream. 



For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11

                God has plans for us!  Think about that.  God is working in the Poulsbo Adventist Church and He knows what He wants to do here.  In our pursuit of vision, it is God’s vision that we are interested in.  We are not coming up with a new idea, we are seeking a revelation of God’s dream for His Church. Then we can join God in what He is already doing among us. 



                In January 2017 the church gathered for a few hours of vision dialogue.  There were many great ideas that came out of that brainstorming time.  Some of the ideas have served to shape our thinking, others have been stagnant with no follow up and others have produced visible results.  We talked about a church mission trip and now have one planned for Summer of 2019.  We considered the need for intentional youth ministry and now have a growing youth program.  These visioning efforts have been helpful but have not resulted in clear vision. 

                Additionally, in 2018, the church voted to adopt 4 ministries focus areas: Discipleship, Stewardship, Fellowship, and Worship.  These areas are helpful in categorizing and supporting the ministries of the church and they are in line with the gifts of our members.  But once again, they have not led to a clear vision. 

                Our current visioning effort will seek to consider all the previous ways God has led us to points of clarity in our vision but will seek to move further into a clear united vision that serves as a driving force in our mission and is central to our church culture. 

If you know the details of any visioning efforts prior to 2016 please share this history with Pastor Ryan.